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Bathroom Singers Workshop in Delhi

Bathroom Singers Workshop in Delhi

Do you love singing but feel that your voice is not good enough for audience to listen your songs? Do you want yourself be trained in music?

Are you humming while bathing? Then, this event is exclusively for you.

Have you ever heard of Bathroom Singers Workshop? It is an upcoming event in Delhi which will be held in the month of April.

As the name suggests, the workshop is a one-day event intended to improve the singers’ talent from bathroom singing to professional singing.

In other words, it is an introduction to professional singing.

The fees for the event is ₹5,500.

Bathroom Singers Workshop will be held on April 15, in Saraswati Music College, New Delhi.

Those who want to attend the workshop need to be at the venue by 9:45 a.m.

There is no age restriction to participate in the event. In earlier events, participants ageing from 5 to 83 year-old participated.

The only prerequisite of the event for the participants is to have interest in singing and join in the workshop by paying the prescribed fee.

Everything else will be taken care of by the organizers.

Participants will have to be prepared to record a song without music for the event organizers to understand their voice. If needed, they can carry the lyrics of the song.

They should also bring a note book to note the instructions given there.

The participants in this workshop will be given suggestions on different things that are related to music.

Some of them include tips for improving voice culture and singing, voice analysis and voice culture exercises, myths about singing, singing and recording techniques, general problems that singers face and their solutions, solution to overcome stage fear, and the important qualities of professional singing.

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