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Ways To Build Company Culture In A Virtual Team

Ways To Build Company Culture In A Virtual Team

Nowadays, with advancement in technology more companies are opting for a team which works virtually rather than at a designated place.

The designer is in New Delhi and the social media crew in Mumbai.

Such teams need to inculcate a company culture that is sound and efficient for all.

Leaders got to make a virtual bridge between people working in different parts of the state, country or globe.

Treat Communication Channels With Sanctity

The very important ingredient for a virtual team is communication channel. A valuable team needs to be present on these communication channels as soon as they log in. It should be as imperative as a normal employee comes to office.

Digital and social tools like Google hangout for voice or video chat, Yammer for text communication and the likes of it are a necessity when it comes to communicating.

Integrate Teams

Employees who are not in the office need to be told that they are needed as much as the normal employees of the organization. Include them in small parties of in office, take there advice on crucial matters. Make them feel in office, even when they are not physically present there.

Gain From Them

Employees who are based out of the main office are away from a certain mindset that each employee of that particular firm would have. This objectivity makes that employee, very valuable.

They will be able to understand things and point out stuff which others in the office might not be capable of. Moreover, they are the most trusted people to give market information around the place they are working from without the leaders being present there virtually.

Online Play

In order to form a camaraderie between the employees in the main office and the employees working from elsewhere, it is important that they gain each other’s trust.

To achieve this, let both the teams indulge in some online gaming where people from both sides make a show and play. This encourages talks which are beyond the official network and makes people gte along with each other.

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