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Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine

Tips to make your LinkedIn profile shine

Most of the recruiters searching for good candidates on social media.

LinkedIn is one of the best site for professional circle & hiring.

Having your CV and LinkedIn profile matching up, and displaying your skills and experience in the best possible way, is one sure way of standing out to recruiters.

Hiring teams uses the social media platform daily, so make sure your profile is an all up to date, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Here are few steps that can help you on your way:

1. What employers do you want to see your profile?

Research other profiles in the same field you are working or looking for job. Have a look at some successful people working in the area that you want to get into, see how they’ve highlighted their skills, knowledge and experience.

You may not have the experience they have yet obviously, but you can work in key phrases, keywords and terms that the industry use, which will help your profile show up on search results.

It is vital that you tailor your LinkedIn profile for the industry in which you want to work, the same way you need to customize your CV for a particular job you’re applying for.

2. Write accurately and professionally

The same way a poorly written CV or cover letter ends up in the discard pile; a recruiter is not going to dwell on a poorly written LinkedIn page. They will be checking to see that your profile makes sense, that it uses proper grammar and punctuation (no emoticons or text speak!!). Make sure there are no unexplainable gaps in your work history or education.

Again, research what others have in their profiles; make sure you include some keywords or phrases like those used in the job description you are applying for. Also, get a pair of fresh eyes to review it. It’s very hard to spot your own mistakes all the time, so get a trusted friend or family member (with a good eye for grammar) to check it over for you. In addition to grammar, focus on detail in terms of what you can offer. Again, taking engineering as an example, focus on technical capabilities, software knowledge, courses, certifications or other industry-relevant experience.

3. Get recommendations

Recruiters place value in well written recommendations below your profile as opposed to easily-clickable endorsements. If you don’t have enough employment experience for a reference or recommendation, perhaps your manager or senior colleague from an internship of work placement can help. If it can be from someone in your industry of choice even better!

Also, be visual, if you have video clips or pdfs of projects that you’ve worked on; share them on your profile.

4. Connect and be professionally social

While the CEO of a major international firm is unlikely to connect with you straight away, other professionals in your chosen sector likely will, as will college alumni and department heads relevant to the sector in which you want to work.

It’s best not to solicit connections randomly or anonymously, you’ll likely meet potential connections at careers fairs or other events so it’s better you introduce yourself before you try to connect.

Also, there is an etiquette here, don’t try and connect with someone who you may be going for an interview with or who you have just had an interview with, it’s too over-familiar and could affect your application.

5. Use a professional photo

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But you would be surprised. You know that photo of you balancing the three beer cans on your head on the beach in Thailand? Don’t use that one!

You don’t have to be in a business suit, but a full three quarter length photo in smart clothes shows you’re work-ready and aware of appearing professional.

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