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Parental Leave Plan That’ll Make Your Life More Better

Parental Leave Plan

Going on maternity leave is usually a time where your focus is on the future. Preparing for going on maternity is one way that you can ensure that you can focus on your pregnancy, knowing that your work is well planned and well handed over.

There are so many things that need to be take care during the pregnancy. Before baby delivery after baby delivery you need some time for your health and for baby also. If you don’t have any complications during your pregnancy you can normally continue with your office.

You need to be more careful about what you should eat or what shouldn’t eat, walk after some time, avoid stress, medicines on time (If your suggested by doctor to take any) these are the few things you need to be take care.

Most first-time moms are surprised by how much work is involved in taking care of a baby. Don’t expect it to feel like a vacation or promise to provide frequent support to your co-workers.

Many women make themselves too available to their employers during this time but try not to commit to more until you have a sense of how parenting feels for you, because nothing’s more important than getting comfortable in your new-mom role — and bonding with your little one.

Here we are going to talk about the parental leave plan that’ll help to make your life easier:

Find Out Your Company’s Policies

check your corporate Website or read through your employee handbook to see what your employer officially offers, such as paid maternity leave or short-term disability insurance, which generally pays 40 to 60 percent of your salary for a set amount of time. “It’s typically six weeks if you have a vaginal delivery and may be eight weeks if you have a caesarean,” says Marjorie Greenfield, M.D., author of The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book. If you have paid leave, it will likely begin after your period of disability is over.

Decide What You Really Want

Start a conversation with your boss. Once you’re ready to announce your pregnancy, make sure that your manager is the first one in the office to know. Schedule a private meeting, and reassure her that you’ll return to work post-baby

Go into the meeting with a general sense of your company’s maternity-leave policy, but don’t expect to discuss it right away — your boss may need time to process the information. Still, you should also be prepared to answer questions about when your last day might be, how long you expect to be gone, and whom you might train as a temporary replacement. “Try to work with the company to make your parental leave — and eventual return — as easy as possible. “This means, among other things, giving your employer plenty of lead time so arrangements can be made for your absence.”

Confirm Your Plans in Writing

Once you and your boss have agreed to the terms of your leave, it’s wise to follow up by providing her with a summary of the details. Whether you send them to her via e-mail or give them to her in a typed letter, just remember to keep a copy for yourself. Unless it’s a contract signed by both parties, it’s not legally binding — but if there’s any confusion down the road, it can help to have written proof of what your understanding was originally.

These tips can help you to make your leave plan during the pregnancy but don’t forget to take advise from doctor. If needed you can plan as per your health condition.

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