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Men Business Attire In India

Men business attire in India

The dress code of a person provides significant clues about various attributes such as their gender, income, occupation, social class, and attitude towards fashion, tradition, and comfort.

Men tend to wear smart, but comfortable and cool clothing.

Colours, like green, yellow, red, etc., don’t go well in corporate circles.

Now day there are many kinds of suits for men which can they wear in office.

On occasion, you can get any dress code that should not be so funky it should professional whether you wear kurta – pjama on any occasion.

Deciding code doesn’t mean to leave your professional look you should choose semi-professional attire.

Here you can get some idea how to maintain your professional look & how to choose business attire:


The colors that are considered the norm for trousers are − Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Black, and Dark Grey.

Because very light-colored trousers take the attention off than person’s shirt and doesn’t look nice.

So, when someone dressed up in a light-colored trouser, like white or peach, the attention of the listeners distracted towards the trousers, which in turn, hinders eye-contact too.

You can feel uncomfortable at that moment. One more benefit is dark color hide the stains also, if any ink, catch-up, juice stain stuck on your trouser it will not show that much on dark color trouser so prefer dark color only.

Tapering Trousers restrict movement and prevent crossing of legs.

The tapering gives an optical illusion that your body is triangular. So, avoid tapering trousers & trousers shouldn’t Bunch up at the Ankles.

One more suggestion is you can wear button-down shirt, trousers and a jacket or tie in winters and in the summer months, a long-sleeved shirt with a tie is acceptable. This will also give a perfect look.


While choosing for shirts do go only for the different shades of your favorite color choose shirts of different colors, like; Charcoal Grey, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Fawn, and White.

Solid pastel colors & vertical pin-stripes verities are also included in formal wear.

Keep the pattern and color in mind while choosing shirts for office.

Wear full sleeves only.

Safari Suit: 

Safari suits come in some shades of grey and cream.

They look great even on short men if they are stitched to perfection.

Make sure you pick the right designer to design your Safari Suit so that it has the right look and feel.

It was a common formal attire for businessmen in India in the early nineties. Mostly, aged people can prefer safari suits.

Kurta – Pajama:

Kurta – Pajama gives you a political look.

This is particularly the case in cities Kurta Pyjama wear in office only during celebrations and occasions in some industries (small industries). you can prefer this only on occasion. It is not suitable attire for office if you want a professional look, but some times it is okay.

Kurta and Pajama were acceptable formal wear in the past but the things have changed lately with India being greatly influenced by the western dressing styles.

The perfect attire is just the beginning of the perfect formal wear. So, keep in mind these points while you are going to formal attire & make best impression on your employer.

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