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Ace Your Performance Audit

Ace Your Performance Audit

Many employees feel that they aren’t relevant or precise. Some managers view them as more of a formality.

Your review can be a valuable tool for receiving constructive feedback and taking your career to the next level.

As a career-driven professional, it’s dependent up to you to make the most of this evaluation.

Your performance survey meeting and the written review that will come out of the process will identify whether you’re growing and succeeding in your role or you’re on the wrong track.

If you’re not performing and meeting your assigned objectives, your job may be at risk.

Here are few ways to feel more confident about your next performance audit, and ace it:

Review last year’s evaluation

What’s changed since the last time you were evaluated? Has your employment, level of responsibility or boss changed? Did you focus on building or improving a skill over the course of the year?

Read through your previous evaluation and pay special attention to the comments left by your manager. How has this feedback influenced your work over the past year?


Be prepared

Be prompt and arranged. Plan for your review by making a list of all your achievement from the previous year. This will come in handy if your supervisor expresses concern about your performance or level of engagement.

You can refer to this list as proof of your efforts to be a good team player.

Ask others for feedback before the meeting. Answer all the questions on the form fully. Nothing will annoy your manager more than taking a half-heated approach to this meeting.

Remember, he or she probably has several of these to do and is probably annoyed at the amount of preparation involved. An indifferent attitude will not help you.

Be strategic with your weaknesses

Everyone has something they can improve upon, so when you’re asked to list what you can do better, provide an honest assessment. And when they point out a weakness you don’t necessarily agree with, go with it anyway.

It takes a little pride-swallowing, but it demonstrates that you’re easy to work with. Offer a solution after each one to show initiative.

 Try not to be defensive 

Take a deep breath. Sit back and don’t under any circumstances be confrontational.

That doesn’t mean you should accept everything your manager should say. But if you disagree, do so assertively, but respectfully.

Ask your manager to elaborate on his or her feedback.

This gives you breathing space to consider his or her comment without coming across as self-protective.

Don’t blame
If you do happen to get blamed for a mistake you don’t feel was yours, it’s smarter to take responsibility anyway (unless you’re at risk of being fired, of course).

Often, managers just want to know that steps are being taken to ensure it won’t happen again and that can’t happen if no one admits they were wrong.

Your performance review is not the appropriate time to air out unresolved complaints. If you have pressing issues that need to be addressed, you should set up a separate meeting for that.

The purpose of your meeting is to evaluate your progress and see if you’re worth keeping around for another couple of months.

Get ready to hear some hard truths

Enter this discussion with an open mind. Remember, constructive feedback is one of the greatest gifts your manager can ever provide – if you’re willing to listen. You can’t improve your performance if you don’t know where you’re currently falling short.

Work with your manager to identify your performance goals and build a development plan.


Try not to leave the meeting until you and your administrator have talked about some noteworthy next strides. In case you’re appointed any subsequent things, ensure you finish them in a convenient way.

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