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Youngest gold medalist in rifle shooting

Youngest gold medalist in rifle shooting

Now-a-days children are exhibiting extraordinary skills in various fields.

This 10-year-old boy is a good example for this.

Abhinav Shaw is from West Bengal. He created history by achieving gold medal in rifle shooting at the Khelo India Youth Games very recently.

Acquiring a gold medal at the age of 10 years and 291 days, Abhinav became the youngest gold medalist at the games.

Abhinav’s father Rupesh Shaw was an ambitious shooter, but due to financial difficulties, he could not continue it.

But, Abhinav continued his father’s ambition. He picked up shooting at the age of six years. Having a good scope is very important and you can read scope reviews at

His father was very happy with his son’s interest in shooting. He took Abhinav to the Joydeep Karmakar Shooting Academy (JKSA) where the school level tournament had been held.

Observing the performance of Abhinav, Karmakar decided to train him. Abhinav won the event even though he did not have proper shoes and a jacket.

As this is an expensive sport, it is difficult for Rupesh to provide necessary equipment to his son.

He said that most of the times, he bought the guns from second-hand market and he even borrowed shoes for his son.

The father and son travel to Kolkata whenever there is a training session.

Abhinav’s coach Joy Karmakar wants to shift the boy to Kolkata to reduce travel time and use that time for practicing.

His father Rupesh also wants to move to Kolkata, but is waiting for a good time to do so.

Rupesh has no permanent career. He is taking tuition classes to school children at present in science and mathematics.

Abhinav won gold medal in the nationals in 2018 in the mixed event of the 10-metre air rifle shooting along with Mehuli Ghosh.

Now, he won gold at the Khelo India Youth Games and became the youngest gold medalist there.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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