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Woman thrown out of home earns lakhs per annum

Woman thrown out of home earns lakhs per annum

Gender discrimination is still seen in many regions of the country. The majority of men harass their wives if they give birth to girls. Some of them estrange their wives and get ready for another marriage.

Runjun Begum from Rangia, Assam, is also one such woman who was thrown out of her home by her husband for giving birth to two girl children. She became pregnant for the third time. Her husband and in-laws asked her to abort the baby, saying that they do not want another girl child. But, Runjun refused.

Her husband and in-laws started abusing her. The verbal and physical abuse became common, which made her vexed. She wanted to end her life by leaving behind her children.

She had just ₹30 at the time of leaving the home. She boarded a bus to travel to Guwahati. She was sobbing throughout her journey. A stranger noticed her and helped her file a case against her husband and in-laws.

It changed her life. As part of the case, she met advocates Pabitra Hazarika and Alen Mahanta. They helped her with the case. They also helped her connect with Nirmal Ashray, an NGO that works for women.

Runjun met several women at Nirmal Ashray. She found that some women had gone through worse situations, but were rescued by the NGO. It created hope in her. She stopped cursing her destiny and decided to fight the situation with courage. She stayed there for five months. She learned tailoring. The Ashray team helped her after she delivered a child.

Runjun worked in a tailoring shop and then opened her own shop. She worked very hard to sustain herself while taking care of her newborn son. She had to attend court sessions for divorce with her husband. She was granted a divorce at last. She worked day and night for expanding the business. She saved money and bought a house.

She stitches clothes, curtains, cushion covers, blankets and face masks. Now, Runjun earns ₹3 lakhs to ₹6 lakhs per annum. She helps other women who are in need.

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Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/sewing-machine-sew-tailoring-2060615/

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