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Woman gets her daughter-in-law remarried after son’s death

Woman gets her daughter-in-law remarried after son’s death

Nowadays, many mothers-in-law are taking care of their daughters-in-law like their daughters. They are completely different from the ancient mothers-in-law, who used to trouble their daughters-in-law.

Here is a mother-in-law from Rajasthan who got her daughter-in-law remarried after the death of her son.

Kamala Devi resides in Fatehpur Shekhawati. She is a teacher at a government school. She had two sons, Rajat and Sbubham.

Her younger son Shubham saw a young girl named Sunita in a program and liked her. When he informed this matter to his family, they went to the girl’s house to perform their marriage. At that time, they realized that the girl’s parents are poor. But despite knowing the fact, Kamala Devi and other family members decided to get the couple married. They did not take dowry from the bride’s parents.

Thus, Shubham married Sunita in 2016 but died after a few months. He had been to Kyrgyzstan to pursue his MBBS and died there. Both mother and wife mourned his death. However, later Kamala Devi decided to take care of her daughter-in-law, Sunita. She wanted to keep Sunita happy and sought ways to keep her happy. Rather than sending Sunita to her parent’s home, she asked her to stay at their home and continue her studies. Sunita also obeyed the words of her mother-in-law and did as per her directions.

She finished her Bachelor’s degree and appeared in various competitive examinations. She qualified for the post of Grade 1 lecturer in History.

Sunita joined in the job. Later, Kamala Devi decided to remarry Sunita to another person. She searched for a bridegroom like a mother does for her daughter. She found a suitable groom, Mukesh and performed their marriage.

Kamala Devi’s villagers appreciated her move, saying that she set a good example for several people.

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