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Kerala auto driver becomes crorepati overnight

Kerala auto driver becomes crorepati overnight

Jayapalan PR is an auto driver from Kerala. He keeps his auto at the Ambedkar Junction auto stand in Maradu, Kochi. This auto driver’s fortune changed overnight as he became a crorepati by winning won ₹12 crores in the Onam lottery.

Jayapalan bought a lottery ticket for ₹300 from Meenakshi Lucky Centre. Meenakshi Lucky Centre in Kerala is an agency that sells lottery tickets. Several people who bought tickets from this agency had won the lottery in the past also. He says that he chose the prize-winning ticket as the number sounded fancy to him. The ticket number is TE 645465. That ticket brought him luck and he won ₹12 crores in Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery.

Jayapalan hails from a poor family. He is a self-made man. The result of this year’s Onam bumper lottery was announced on Sunday, and Jayapalan emerged as the winner. Before that, several rumours were spread about the winner. Some others claimed that they have the prize-winning ticket. Several TV channels also aired stories of these people saying that they were the winners. However, Jayapalan remains calm and cool as he had the prize-winning ticket with him. He revealed his ticket number so that all of them had known that he was the winner of the lottery. With this, all rumours were put to an end.

After deduction of tax, the prize money will be around ₹7 crores. Jayapalan has a vehicle and housing loans. He wants to repay the debts with a few portion of the prize money. Besides, he wants to provide good education to his children. He also wants to provide financial support to his sisters. He says that he will utilize the prize money productively after discussing it with his family.

Jayapalan’s wife is working as a sweeper in a homeo hospital. He has an elderly mother aged 95 years old and two sons. One of his sons is an electrician while the other one is working as a homeo doctor.

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