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Girl discarded by school gets free American Education

Girl discarded by school gets free American Education

Life is not a bed of roses to all. Especially, people born in a poor family know how challenging life is to face.

Here is the story of a poor girl who was discarded by a private school for not paying fees in her primary education.

Now, the girl gets the opportunity to pursue her education in the USA without paying any fee. All her expenses including travelling and residence have been sponsored by the American Government.

Priyanka’s family from Warangal settled in Hyderabad for livelihood. Her father is a daily laborer and mother is a sweeper. She has one younger sister and brother.

It is quite common in the family to eat only once in a day due to their poverty. They often used to eat with chilli powder when they could not afford vegetables.  

Her parents want their children to get well educated and lead a dignified life. They admitted all the three children in a private school.

But, they could not afford the school fees due to which Priyanka had to leave the school when she was studying class 4. On that day, Priyanka could see the pain of her parents and determined she wouldn’t allow her parents to suffer again for her education.

Since then, she studied hard and got admission in a government residential school. She used to stay in hostel even in her holidays as she couldn’t bear the travelling charges to go home.

She secured 90 percent marks in her SSC (10th) exam. She then came to know about a government college which has education standards of more than corporate colleges. But, it is not easy to get admission in that college.

She appeared for a written test and screening test and qualified to get admission in that college. Due to her financial conditions, neither she nor parents would visit each other frequently as her classmates or their parents did.

She turned all her focus on books. One of her lecturers supported her and cared like a mother by giving some pocket money to her. The lecturer even provided her career guidance.

Her struggle was not in vain. She secured 97 percent marks in her intermediate and stood in the top 10 position in Telangana.

Her parents were happy with her achievement, and Priyanka had seen them happy for the first time.

Later, she joined in a social welfare degree college. After the completion of her first year graduation, she got the opportunity to study in the USA as part of Community College Initiative Program.

She got that opportunity due to her merit after appeared for several tests, and was chosen from thousands of students.

Image Reference: The Eenadu

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