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Garbage collecting woman builds a beautiful home

Garbage collecting woman builds a beautiful home

Own house is a dream to many people. However, achieving it is a big thing for the middle class and below-middle class people.

Here is a woman who constructed a beautiful pucca house and achieved her life-time dream. Mungi Shanti from Nandigama in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh built a good house.

The house has marble flooring with altek painting. Shanti is a garbage collector. She also works as a domestic helper. Her husband is a rickshaw puller.

Like many people, owning a house is her dream. She bought two cents of land with the money she earned. Later she availed DWCRA loan of ₹40,000 from the state government and started building her home in 2017. She also applied for Housing for All scheme of the central government and received financial aid of ₹2.50 lakhs. She also saved some money through chits. Besides, she mortgaged her land and acquired another ₹10 lakhs.

She constructed a beautiful home without compromising on quality. Though she is not well-educated, she designed the home on her own. Observing the homes of others, she acquired some knowledge. Based on that, she gave suggestions to labourers. The house was built as per her ideas.

The design of her house is so beautiful that it has been selected for the Innovation Construction Technology Award given by the central government. She received this national award.

Shanti is very happy upon receiving the award. At the same time, she is anxious about the repayment of loan taken for the construction of the house. She sought the help of donors to repay the loan.

She said that she could not believe that she was chosen for the award. She also said that owning a homemade her happier than receiving the award.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

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