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Female Fire Fighters of Rajasthan

Female Fire Fighters of Rajasthan

Meet these brave female fighters of Rajasthan who prove that women can do everything just as well as men. “Dousing the hungry flames is certainly not an easy task. It’s a test of one’s physical strength as well as courage and agility. But if one is determined, one can overcome any risks, however daunting they may look,” says Sita Khatik, an officer with the fire department in the desert state of Rajasthan.

Sita, who is stationed in Jaipur the state capital, is one of the 155 female fire fighters recruited by the state government. From the first batch, six women are serving in the city at present. They are all simple and smiling filled with the spirit of bravery which makes them perfect for the job.

During her interview, Sita was asked why she chose a risky job like this, to which she replied: “They asked me why I had opted for a risky job like firefighting when I could have easily continued with what I was doing. Was I not afraid? I simply told them, if I was afraid, would I have even applied? I have this desire to prove wrong the people who think that women can’t be fire fighters.”

Many of Sita’s colleagues are from various rural parts and small villages from Rajasthan.

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