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Driver distributes clothes to people in need

Driver distributes clothes to people in need

Saju Talukdar is a commercial car driver from West Bengal. He runs the Bir Birsha Munda Cloth Bank (BBMC) near Dimdima Tea Garden.

In order to help the underprivileged and elderly people, Saju has been collecting used clothes from people since the last decade.

Later, he established the cloth bank, BBMC. The bank has more than 50,000 units of clothing.

Saju distributes nearly 3,000 clothes each week to people in need and elderly people in the surrounding areas of the cloth bank, railway stations, and bus stops.

Saju is a school dropout and could not complete his school education due to lack of school uniform which led him to establish the cloth bank to help people that need clothes.

Saju’s father is a tailor. He bought old clothes for Saju and stitched uniform for him when he was in primary school. However, the uniform got torn when he was in class 5. And his father was unable to provide another uniform for him which made him drop out of school.

Then, Saju felt very sad and wished this wouldn’t happen to anyone else.

Though initially, he joined his father’s business of tailoring, he lost interest in it later. Observing the truck drivers who collect minerals from the river bed, Saju began driving. After that, he started driving commercial vehicles.

During his journeys, Saju observed the miserable life of several poor people. Then, he started collecting old clothes and distributing them to poor people.

He faced some challenges while collecting old clothes directly from the people. Several of them did not show interest to give their old clothes as they were not sure about their donated clothes reaching the needy people.

However, Saju used to convince them. Later, with his initiation and help, several of them donated their old clothes. He uses Facebook to collect used clothes from people all over the country.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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