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Differently-abled teen writes with toes

Differently-abled teen writes with toes

Where there is a will, there is a way. This proverb proved to be true in this teen girl’s case. Tanu Kumari, a 14-year-old girl from Patna, has a strong determination to achieve her goal.

She lost her both hands in an accident seven years ago. But, she never lost her hope and courage. She faced the situation with great courage and explored ways to overcome difficulties with strong determination.  After losing her both hands in an accident, she learned to write with toes.

When she was seven years old, she was playing on the terrace. At that time, Tanu mistakenly touched live electric wires. As a result, she lost her hands. But, Tanu has strong willpower, due to which she learned to do daily activities with her legs. Tanu’s mother helps her in bathing, feeding etc.

Tanu’s mother Suha Devi, says that her daughter has great confidence. That’s why she achieved many things. She won many awards in painting competitions. Besides, she is brilliant in her studies as well.

Tanu’s father Anil Kumar delivers cylinders for a gas agency. He says that they are poor and if the government helps them, it will help them to some extent. He also expresses happiness about his daughter’s achievements.

Tanu’s classmates praise her courage. Her teachers also appreciate her efforts to continue her studies. They feel that the government should encourage her by providing the required assistance.

Tanu was studying at a private school. However, after her accident, her parents shifted her to a government school. Currently, she is in class 10. She actively participates in sports and painting events.

Tanu mainly focuses on studies. She wants to study well and become a teacher.

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