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Community Radio RJ’s initiative makes her village fully vaccinated

Community Radio RJ’s initiative makes her village fully vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccine drive has been continuing in the country. The eligible population in many areas across the country did not receive at least a single dose of vaccination. But, this community RJ took initiation for the entire village to get vaccinated. However, this was not an easy task, and she worked hard to get her villagers fully vaccinated.

Aswathy Murali, a Radio Jockey (RJ), helped a tribal village get fully vaccinated. She is the producer of a tribal programme of Radio Mattoli (90.4 FM) in the Wayanad District of Kerala.

Aswathy Murali belongs to the Paniyar community. The tribals of this community constitute around one-fifth of the total population of Wayanad. The villagers in her community speak the paniya language.

Aswathy, who knows English, helped her villagers understand everything related to COVID-19 by translating it into paniya. She explained the protocols and safety measures to prevent COVID-19 and the importance of vaccination to the Paniya community.

She gathered all relevant information about the COVID-19 vaccine and explained the villagers. At the same time, she considered all their fears, doubts and queries on the vaccine. Before addressing their issues and busting the myths, she talked to many experts in detail. She conveyed this information to her villagers and convinced them to proceed with vaccination.

Aswathy’s grandmother was the one who worried about the possible side effects of COVID-19. She explained her grandmother in detail to make her understand. As soon as her grandmother got her first jab, others also moved forward for vaccination without any inhibition.

Though some people experienced mild fever and body pain for the first shot, no such side effects were seen after the second shot. Thus, the entire village got fully vaccinated. Now, all are happy and healthy. Aswathy also expressed her happiness as she could take a lead role in this.

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