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8th grade student making her campus greener

8th grade student making her campus greener

Meet this 8th grade student who made her school campus greener. She also inspired other students to do composting and tree plantation. Read on to find out more about Prachi, the girl who did this.

KGBV schools are residential schools with an objective to confirm quality education for the drop out girls of underclass families of our society.

Her school shifted to a new building at Nandpur, Chinhut (Lucknow) in 2013. The ground at the new school was packed with weeds like Parthenium (gajar ghas) at everyplace. Also, there was accumulation of water because the ground was at a lower level, this made the land wet and not possible to walk.

This ground was haunted by numerous animals, insects, vermin and snakes. KGBV students didn’t have an area to play as the Parthenium causes rashes to the skins of students who came into contact.

Prachi set out to make her school ground green and give the students an area to play. In order to do that, she created a gang of twenty five students. To induce more students in her project, she conferred a skit. Prachi, together with the students, disbursed a cleanliness drive and removed all the weeds from the bottom during a week’s time.

The school ground had Usar soil and due to waterlogging it absolutely was laborious to plant saplings in it. To form a fertile prime layer, recent soil was added with the assistance of their warden as they’re not allowed to travel out of the school campus.

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