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24-year-old becomes a scientist at TIFR from severe poverty

24-year-old becomes a scientist at TIFR from severe poverty

The life of Jaykumar Vaidya is not a bed of roses. Despite his financial hurdles since his childhood, he laid a foundation to his bright future.

And now he is reaping the fruits.

There were tough times in his childhood where his results were not revealed until her mother paid the fees.

When her mother approached some non-profit trusts, some of them adviced her to make him a driver rather than sending him to a school.

But, now he is pursuing his career in science. The story of this 24-year-old who grew up in Mumbai slums is very inspiring to many youths.

He is pursuing his PhD at the University of Virginia to study nanotechnology.

Though Jaykumar is the achiever, his mother, Nalini, is also a hero behind the screen.

She was thrown out by her in-laws and divorced by her husband.

Nalini had a clerical job which she had to resign to look after her mother who was ill.

After that, Nalini did many jobs for their survival. Not only that, she had to visit the court regularly due to divorce proceedings.

This took a whopping nine years and led to poverty completely.

The family members survived on bread, samosas, vada pav and chai at the end of the day.

A local temple trust helped them by sending ration and second-hand clothes.

The family spent in a room with non-functioning second-hand TV and refrigerator.

He used to watch the Discovery Channel at neighbor’s homes.

While he was in his engineering, he realized that his interest lies in nanotechnology.

Then, he started researching about nanodevices.

Jaykumar’s mother motivated her son a lot due to which he never gave up and succeeded in his attempt.

After his college, he joined the prestigious Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and started earning as a researcher. Due to his research papers in some of the reputed journals, he caught the attention of the US university.

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