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13 year old Indian girl to speak at TED-ED

13 year old Indian girl to speak at TED-ED

To most people, cooking is either a chore or simply something that has to be done. But not to 13 year Esha Karthiraj. Even from a young age, she was fascinated by the cooking of her mother and her grandmother.

Her interest grew to a passion and she wanted to show that cooking has a lot of innovation and creativity behind it. She wants to break the established rules of cooking by mixing ingredients that others wouldn’t even consider.

Her creativity got her invited to the prestigious TED talks. TED-ED is a youth and education initiative by TED. It is for celebrating new ideas of children and teachers. Esha has been selected as one of the 20 children from all over the world to speak at this event!

Esha joined the TED-ED club with help of Sparkling Mindz, an institute with a pre-school and an after-school program called Young Thinkers and Achievers. Esha didn’t even know what TED was before Sreeja Iyer, the founder of Sparkling Mindz, told her.

Esha is a class 8 student in CMR School, Bengaluru. She is also interested in writing and arts as well.

In the class, Sreeja asked the 15 children to write down the three things which interested them and talk about them. Esha’s main passion was cooking. She spoke about what interested her and why and how her passion gave her many life lessons.

All students worked hard on preparing their talks and recorded them. All their talks were submitted and Sreeja found out that three of them were selected to have their talks uploaded to TED-ED blog. Once they were uploaded, a year later, Esha was selected to speak live at their first event. Esha says that her program at Sparkling Mindz has been a great encouragement for her to do more about her passion.

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