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IIT-Guwahati breaks new ground with

The IIT-G has transferred a pioneering vaccine technology to BioMed Pvt. Ltd.

Indian innovator revolutionizing water quality

Unlike its expensive counterparts costing upwards of ₹2 lakhs, Satyam's device is priced at a mere ₹12,000.

Award-winning Mouse-sized Portable Braille Printer

Kaviraj Prithvi from IIT Guwahati innovated a portable braille printer, Tactall.

IITG researchers design an innovative

Indian prosthetics need specific devices that are suitable to the conditions and lifestyle of India.

IIT Guwahati makes COVID-19 test

The researchers at IIT Guwahati developed 20,000 VTN kits in the first lot and handed over to Assam government.