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Zapplon helps you find the nearest transportation

Zapplon helps you find the nearest transportation

As more and more taxi service providers are entering the competitive sector of transportation, many consumers are getting unsure of which service to go for.

Many users are going back and forth between various apps to find a taxi suitable for their price and convenience. There is also the matter of availability of taxis nearby.

To make it easy for users to find taxis, Ishan Relan, Shiwang Suraj and Apoorv Arora from Delhi started Zapplon in March this year.

The app is a super aggregator of taxis. Using it, users can find nearest and cheapest available cabs, bikes and autos. Within the app, the user can find the price of various taxi services and compare them. They even get an estimated time of arrival of all different cab services.

The app even has cashback in the form of its own digital currency called ‘Zapps’. For every ride users book on Zapplon, they get Zapps. They also get currency for referring friends to Zapplon.

The idea to start this app came to the trio through a personal experience. In the middle of night, the needed a cab but the availability was low and those that were available were charging high rates.

At that time, the trio had to compare the price of various services. They realized that they had too many apps in their phone just for the sake of travel. After research, they found that there are many other services they didn’t even know of.

So, they started making this app and gave a beta to few friends. After its success, the app started growing. The team claims that they have reached 10,000 downloads with a monthly active user base of over 5,000 as of last month. They say that they are currently getting around 50 bookings per day. They are looking to expand this app even further.

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