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Spatial Ideas provides e-Governance tools

Spatial Ideas

Spatial Ideas is a technology for development. It provides e-governance tools in the services such as healthcare, infrastructure, food security and sanitation. These tools enhance transparency, responsibility and efficacy, and reduces the cost in delivering the vital citizen services.
This Mumbai-based startup has been started to create quality products to drive the technology and usability for happiness of their clients and assist them to accomplish their goals. Spatial Ideas offers many products and services. They develop applications for their clients. Consultancy and training services are provided by them as well. The main aim is to increase transparency in governance.

Some of their services are as follows: mSwaasth is a health management and tracking solution. Public Distribution System is beneficial in tracking distribution of food to ration card holders. It helps in implementing Biometrics to recognize the right person. SWM is a municipal solid waste management. Their infrastructure management helps to manage the growth on infrastructure sites. Viking is a potent and active product development platform where local governments can find the solutions for rural healthcare, solid waste management, labour management and food distribution.

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