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InMobi –Mobile Advertising

InMobi –Mobile Advertising

InMobi is a service which lets user discover great product through mobile advertising. It uses Miip, a revolutionary discovery platform to help developers, merchants & brands find proper consumers for themselves.

MIT Technology Review has reviewed it as one of the 50 most disruptive companies in the world. Every month, InMobi helps more than 100 billion discovery sessions on mobile across a billion users. It is the largest discovery platform in the world.

The company has award winning creative teams who form innovative solutions and products. The boast of big data analytic capabilities that can process 100s of terabytes of data in a day. This helps customers make real time decisions and get the most out of their investment.

They aim to maintain their position by investing heavily in technology and talented people. They have 17 locations around the world. This enables them to have a global reach. They are the world’s largest independent ad network with 1 billion monthly active users. They have 30,000+ publishers, inclusive of premium and brand-safe inventory.

For their customers, they offer 20,000+ refined audience segments in order to help them connect to the right audience. Users can also use location analytics and geo-targeting capabilities to create custom segments which are validated through a consumer panel consisting seven million users.

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