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CreditMantri helps to improve your credit score

CreditMantri helps to improve your credit score

Founded in Chennai, CreditMantri aims to improve the credit score of the users. The company developed a model which is useful for both lenders and borrowers. Most of the people are not aware of their credit score until they go for a loan. But, unfortunately, they will have no choice if they have poor credit score.

There are many reasons for poor credit score. If the borrowers are aware of their score they can improve it by following certain steps. But, if they do not know it till they opt for a loan, they cannot change it immediately. As a result, they will not get a loan.

CreditMantri is aimed to provide solutions for borrowers using technology. It is a good platform for both borrowers and lenders. Borrowers not only can improve their credit score but also apply to the lenders who are interested in lending them money them. Thus, it saves time.

The company offers solutions to several common problems that borrowers face. These include correcting the details on borrowings that are wrongly stated by CIBIL or Equifax, clearing past dues from lenders etc. Lenders at CreditMantri offer special payment plans and terms. The company also has debt consolidation loan for eligible borrowers so that they can consolidate and bridge your dues payment gap and enhance CIBIL score.

CreditMantri builds a simplified Credit Profile based on your credit report from CIBIL. The report is simple to understand by everyone. Users will have an online dashboard which gives detailed listing of their borrowings and also gives negative accounts which are affecting them.

Users can get updated balances on these accounts and also interact with creditors online. One can remove any incorrect accounts mapped to their profile too. If there are incorrect borrowing details, they can be resolved by the user.

After this, users can pay directly to lenders. One can pay through Net Banking, Debit Card or Cheque.

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