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Bookyboo – Bring your children into the story

Bookyboo – Bring your children into the story

Bedtime stories have always been a childhood tradition in cultures around the world, filling the heads of children with wondrous characters and worlds before they go off to sleep.

However, when Hetal and Neeraj Gulati were coming up with a present idea for their niece, Vaani, they decided to take this concept a step further.

They decided to create a personalized book for her in which she was the hero of her thrilling story. Vaani enjoyed her gift so much that the couple decided to share their idea with the world, and thus, they founded Bookyboo, which personalizes stories for the children who receive them.

Bookyboo creates books for children in the zero to nine-year-old age range. There are currently three options from which to choose: My Adventure Bookyboo, Fun Family Bookyboo, and Birthday Party Bookyboo.

My Adventure Bookyboo is an Indian treasure hunt with adventures based on the letters of the child’s name. Fun Family Bookyboo is a customizable family jungle adventure that can be done for a family with one or two children, twins, or a single parent with up to two kids.

Birthday Party Bookyboo is a set of storybooks designed as party favors, in which each child goes with a friend on an adventure.

Each book can also contain personalized messages and pictures, and all books have lessons engrained about perseverance, kindness, friendship, and the like.

Bookyboo has been a marvelous success, and has now sold over one thousand books. Children fall in love with these personalized tales, and these often become their favorite stories.

There are several other personalized story companies out there, such as CreateABook, I And My Story, and My Name Quest.

Bookyboo – Bring your children into the story

Bookyboo – Bring your children into the story

However, Bookyboo differs because of its intrinsic Indian nature, such as how My Adventure Bookyboo sends the child on a treasure hunt across India and Fun Family Bookyboo sends the family on an adventure in the Indian jungle.

With stories that both cater towards children’s dreams and make them feel at home, it is easy to see how Bookyboo became such a success.

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