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Zomato shutting down PiggyBank

Zomato shutting down PiggyBank

Food delivery startup Zomato earlier launched a loyalty programme for its customers, Zomato PiggyBank.

The PiggyBank programme allows customers to earn back 10 per cent on each meal if he/she places a minimum of five orders in the month.

The amount is deposited in the PiggyBank of Zomato in the form of ‘Z coins’ which can be used to buy further meals.

However, Zomato decided to shut down this loyalty programme saying that they are working on a major up-gradation of these programmes.

Those who earned ‘Z coins’ can use them until August 12.

In addition to PiggyBank, Zomato has other loyalty programmes like Treats and Gold launched in 2017.

The founder and CEO of Zomato, Deepindar Goyal earlier said that the Zomato PiggyBank programme was launched intending to give back to society.

₹1 has been donated by Zomato for every order placed through PiggyBank to Akshaya Patra Foundation, an NGO which is running free mid-day meal programmes.

After the launching of PiggyBank of Zomato, its counterpart Swiggy also announced a membership programme for its customers, Swiggy SUPER.

The Swiggy SUPER programme allows customers to get unlimited free deliveries from all restaurants regardless of the distance or time of day.

The membership also provides quicker resolutions to the problems of the customers through a committed customer care team. There is no surge fee for customers who obtain their membership programme. Normally this fee is charged by Swiggy on delivery of food orders placed on holidays, festivals and rainy days and on days where delivery boys are low.

Reports state that nearly half of the market has been captured by Swiggy concerning transactions.

As Zomato decided to shut down its loyalty programme, customers are waiting for the reaction of Swiggy on this.

Image Credit: Maichel Bliz CC BY-SA 2.0

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