You will get married if you post ‘I love you’ on Facebook

You will get married if you post ‘I love you’ on Facebook

You will get married if you post ‘I love you’ on Facebook

Hindu Mahasabha is yet again set out create nuisance for lovers or anyone so much as talking about love on valentine’s day.

The leaders of the group are stating that they will be monitoring social networking sites and those who post I love you messages will be forced to tie the knot.

Chandra Prakash Kaushik, National president of Hindu Mahasabha has stated that displaying love in the entire valentine’s week is against Indian traditions. They have deployed a total of eight teams to monitor social networking sites.

The right-wing outfit has already warned couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day in public will be given a variety of punishments.

If the couples are Hindus they will be forced to have an impromptu wedding. If they are inter-faith partners they will have to sit through a purification ritual.

Couples at malls and parks will be the main target of these groups. They stated that they will start their social media monitoring from Feb 8. The country is now running under BJP government.

It will be shame on the whole concept of democracy if this group takes moral policing into its hands. Fortunately, the police are also planning their own steps to prevent the group from disrupting the rights of public.

Image Reference: Forbes

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