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Valentine’s Day: Hidden meaning of different roses

Valentine’s Day: Hidden meaning of different roses

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and with it, people are stocking up on gifts that they will give to the people they love: their friends, their family, or someone in a close relationship.

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts has always been roses, with their sweet, aromatic scent and beautiful appearance.

Known as a symbol of love and affection, roses are a simple and meaningful gift that will give anyone a smile on Valentine’s Day.

Since roses come in many colours, each with its own meaning, these are some of the meanings behind each rose colour.

Naturally, the ever-popular red rose is a classic symbol of love. They are always in high demand around this time of year since lovers are always eager to exchange these beautiful flowers.

Yellow roses are not as highly demanded as red roses, but they are still a common gift between close friends. The yellow colour symbolizes friendship and optimism, and someone giving their friend a yellow rose tells that person that their friend feels happy and positive when they are around.

Pink roses are usually given to people as tokens of happiness and gratitude. Giving someone a pink rose can also mean that this person is admired by the giver, and is thankful for them being there.

White is the colour of purity and peace, which makes this rose another common gift among loved ones. Someone giving their lover a white rose can show them that they are glad for being at peace with them on that day, especially if an argument has recently occurred between them.

Orange roses are symbols of intense, passionate emotion. Someone giving a lover, friend, or relative an orange rose can show that they feel strong, energetic emotions toward them. When these roses are mixed with other rose colours, it can show which emotions are felt so strongly and passionately.

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