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Things to check while buying a phone online

Things to check while buying a phone online

Buying Smart phones online is quite common these days.

In order to attract a huge customer base, several online giants like Amazon, Flipkart and others offer lucrative discounts and buybacks.

But, there are certain things to keep in your mind while buying a smartphone online:

  • Various e-commerce websites have different offers; their prices also vary accordingly. So, check for the best price.
  • Before buying a phone, check the ratings and seller reviews. As most of the products sold online are third party sellers, it is better to check their performance before buying.
  • It is quite common for ecommerce players to sell both new models as well as refurbished phones. Hence, rather than being attracted by lower prices, check if the smartphone you are going to buy is a new one or a refurbished one.
  • Check the warranty details of the device. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • As per their partnership with banks, e-commerce websites provide different offers. So check all offers and decide the suitable one.
  • Check the delivery time while checking out.
  • Make sure to check the specification details of the smartphone with official websites. This is because often ecommerce websites may get the product details wrong and specifications may also be wrongly entered.
  • Before proceeding to buy a smartphone, check the refund or return policies. This will be helpful to get your money refunded easily for any damaged device you receive. You can also avoid future discrepancies with this.
  • Many websites offer exchange deals which may sometimes be lucrative. So check for any such deals. Also make sure to read the terms and conditions for exchange and return.
  • Read the verified user reviews also. Also, check the after sale service and its terms. Sometimes, warranty does not include the cost of repair. So, ensure that you are clear about all these terms and conditions.

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