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Telangana Collector’s initiative of Rice for Plastic

Telangana Collector’s initiative of Rice for Plastic

Several environment-conscious people from normal people to senior officials are taking steps to control the plastic menace in the country.

Now the collector of Mulugu district in Telangana joined this group. He recently launched an initiative named ‘Give 1 Kg Plastic Waste To Get 1 Kg Rice’ in 174 villages.

As the single-use plastic items like carry bags, spoons, glasses and straws would be banned soon in the state, this initiative would help the public.

District authorities established several plastic collection centres in various villages. Plastic items would be collected from the villagers at these centres. They would be provided with rice in return.

This is a 10-day programme. Since rice is a main staple for many, this incentive would be beneficial as well as educational to people.

In order to control the plastic menace, people’s cooperation is very essential. That’s why this initiative has been taken.

It has two parts. The authorities are collecting donations in the form of cash or rice to be provided to the public that brings the plastic. Donors can reach them on the given numbers to know the details.

The initiative received an overwhelmingly positive response. The authorities received more than 450 quintals of rice and nearly ₹6 lakh in cash.

And a similar response has seen from the plastic users. Nearly 2,400 kilos of plastic items, especially bottles and bags, were collected on the very first day itself. So far, 31,000 kilos of plastic items have been collected.

The district collector says that their target is to collect 50 tonnes of plastic by the end of the drive. The collected plastic items would be transported to recycling agencies and carry bags would be converted into fuel in cement factories.

A cloth bag initiative has been started simultaneously to substitute the plastic bags in all the villages across the district.

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