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Swiggy rolls out two-day paid leave for female delivery partners

Swiggy rolls out two-day paid leave for female delivery partners

Swiggy, one of the largest online food delivery platforms, rolled out a two-day monthly paid leave policy recently. The company took this initiative to help women handle menstruation-related problems during periods.

Mihir Shah, Vice President of Operations, said that many women feel discomfort during menstruation. Hence, to help them during their periods, the company announced a two-day monthly paid leave. He added that the company support their female delivery partners with a no-questions-asked two-day time-off policy.

All regular female delivery partners can avail these leaves every month. Besides, these women will also be eligible for a minimum-earnings guarantee.

Female delivery partners came onboard in the company in 2016. Since then, the company has been taking several steps for them.

Swiggy started an SOS service for the safety of its female delivery partners. They can contact the helpline of the company or local police in times of emergency through the app. Besides, employees can also call for a medical emergency through it.

The company capped delivery hours at 6:00 p.m. for female delivery executives considering their safety.

Netizens and other people appreciated the move of Swiggy. Last year, its rival Zomato also introduced period leave for its female and transgender employees. Under this policy, female employees will be given an annual leave for ten days.

Now, Swiggy also rolled out such a leave policy. However, it offered for its gig workers. Almost all of its delivery partners are below 45 years. Hence, this policy will help them during their work. The company has nearly 1000 female delivery partners.

Swiggy also wants to improve security measures so that women delivery executives also opt for night delivery. The company says that night delivery is one of the most profitable slots, and the company doesn’t want to restrict its female delivery partners from using them.

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