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Regional Air Flight Connectivity Scheme in Rajasthan

Regional Air Flight Connectivity Scheme in Rajasthan

Have you ever thought of having connections among various cities in a state in an air travel? Is it possible to have a connection to fly among various cities of states? But it is possible with the initiative of the Chief Minister Rajasthan, Vasudara Raje. The initiative, Regional Air Flight Connectivity Scheme made Rajasthan the first state of having air connections among various cities.

There are many states in India that have air plane travel. But, Rajasthan becomes the first state of India by connecting different cities through air planes under Regional Air Flight Connectivity Scheme. The citizens of the states are waiting for the new proposed scheme. Today, the regional flight will be launched from the State Hanger at 10: 30 p. m. in Jaipur International Airport.

There are several phases in the new scheme. Initially, the flight from Jaipur to Jodhpur and Udaipur will be started. In its first phase, 15 cities of Rajasthan will be connected with each other. Later in the second phase, regions such as Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Kota etc. would be covered.

The main purpose of the proposed scheme is to offer air connectivity to the capital city Jaipur from all the cities. Thus, the state government wants to help tourists and entrepreneurs to fly each morning for their works and return to their home without any troubles by the next morning.

The Inter-State air service is being started by Rajasthan government with the above motive. Both Rajasthan Civil Aviation Department and the Supreme Transport Organization Pvt. Ltd entered and signed an agreement to operate the flights effectively and successfully. 9 seater Cessna Grand Carvan Aircraft shall be operated by Supreme Airlines several times a day.

The aircrafts will have all facilities and provide flawless connectivity services to entrepreneurs, traders, tourists and other people who use the service. All regions of the state are given equal importance to be covered under this scheme.

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