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Know your rights as a tenant

Know your rights as a tenant

If you move to a new city, then the very first thing is to find a suitable home to live in.

The Economic Survey 2017-18 states that around 28 per cent of city dwellers live in a rented home.

It is quite common for the landlords to increase the rent annually and to set some terms and conditions.

However, being a tenant, you have certain rights.

You should know your rights as a tenant while moving into a rental home.

  • Rent is the first and foremost thing for a tenant while choosing a rented home. Rent is determined by various factors including location, age of the home, amenities and quality of construction. Prime localities have more demand.
  • Once you occupied a rented home at an agreed rent, then the hike in rent for each year comes to the mind. The rate of increase in rent has to be decided both by the landlord as well as the tenant. It should not be increased in an unreasonable manner.
  • Each state has its own regulations on rent increase. However, landlords can only increase the rent by nearly 10 to 11 per cent per year. The disputes between a tenant and landlord can be settled by the Rent Control Act.
  • It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide the basic amenities like electricity and water. If the landlord disconnects them for any reason, the tenant can file a police complaint.
  • The normal wear and tear expenses should be borne by the tenants. However, the cost of maintenance of the property and other related charges are to be borne by the landlords. Repair expenses should be shared with the mutual consent of both the tenant and landlord.
  • After signing the rental agreement, the flat belongs to the tenant for the specific tenure. The landlord cannot enter the home without the consent of the tenant.
  • The security deposit should be made by the tenant which should be clearly mentioned in the rental agreement.
  • Prior notice should have to be given to the tenant if the landlord wants him to vacate.

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