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Flipkart Plus launched – Is it good?

Flipkart Plus launched – Is it good?

Flipkart is the leading e-tailer in India. This often brings it into competition with the world’s most prominent e-tailer giant, Amazon. Flipkart has taken a step forward in its ever-ongoing battle with Amazon by launching Flipkart Plus on August 16th.

Flipkart Plus is a loyalty program for Flipkart customers. The program offers its members a great number of benefits.

Flipkart Plus is designed to combat Amazon’s well-known loyalty program, Amazon Prime. Its benefits include priority customer service, free delivery on select products, and exclusive and early access to Flipkart’s sales events.

There are several distinct differences between Flipkart Plus and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime must be purchased at a cost of ₹999 per year. Amazon Prime also allows people to listen to music and stream videos. Flipkart Plus does not offer those two features.

Unlike Amazon Prime, Flipkart Plus is free of cost. However, the loyalty program is only offered based on a customer’s purchases. Specifically, a customer requires 50 coins in order to join Flipkart Plus.

Customers can receive coins for every ₹250 they spend. They can only acquire 10 coins per transaction.

If a customer makes 5 purchases that earn 10 coins each, then he or she will receive the 50 coins needed to join Flipkart Plus. Some people can be gifted 50 coins immediately, based on their purchase history.

Once a user has 50 coins, he or she can join Flipkart Plus for free. This will give the customer access to the benefits of being a Flipkart Plus member.

One of the benefits is Free Plus Fast delivery. Free Plus Fast delivery is provided upon the purchase of any Flipkart Assured products. Flipkart Plus members can also get Enhanced Plus Priority customer support.

This ensures that Flipkart Plus members have a priority helpline. Lastly, Flipkart Plus members can have early access to Flipkart sales.

This even includes the Big Billion Days, Flipkart’s biggest yearly sale.

Thanks to Flipkart Plus, people who use Flipkart will now have the ability to choose Flipkart’s loyalty program and receive its benefits.

So, if you are a regular Flipkart user, be ready to get some benefits.

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