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Facebook to change the name of WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook to change the name of WhatsApp and Instagram

WhatsApp and Instagram are very popular throughout the world, yet most people still don’t know that they are owned by Facebook.

While Instagram was bought in 2012, WhatsApp was acquired in 2014 by Facebook. Yet, Facebook allowed these two applications to operate as separate entities.

Both these have separate employees, managers and workplaces. However, Facebook has been taking several steps for the last year to make them less independent.

Now, Facebook confirmed that it is going to rebrand these two apps, WhatsApp and Instagram.

These apps would be renamed and Facebook name would be added to them. For instance, WhatsApp would be known as ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ and so does Instagram.

The main intention of rebranding these apps is that Facebook wants its ownership to be in view.

The services and products are offered as parts of Facebook. The new titles would appear soon in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

As per the report, the new names would be displayed on the app store pages and also on the login pages.

Yet, Facebook said nothing about any new feature ported from the Facebook app.

Facebook has inherited several features from Instagram and applied some of them to WhatsApp.

For instance, Instagram stories (which was inspired by Snapchat) was ported both to WhatsApp and Facebook as Status and Stories.

Facebook has been trying for the growth of these two platforms.

Yet, for the last few years, Facebook has been involved in many controversies related to security concerns and data privacy. Though Instagram and WhatsApp are not affected by these, the users are fearing if Facebook does similar to these platforms as well.

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