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How your birth order affects your personality

How your birth order affects your personality

Psychologists say that your birth order in the family can affect your attitude, personality and behavior.

Here are the characteristics of people as per their birth order:

The firstborn children tend to be achievers and leaders. They have a bossy nature and take responsibility as well. Usually they are perfectionists. They try to take good positions for which they will receive applause. They are determined, goal-setters and rule keepers. They nurture their younger siblings and usually into care-giving professions. Yet, they could push themselves too hard.

The middle children are peacemakers of the family. They like to go with the flow. They are good at negotiations and have more friends than the firstborns. They can mingle with anyone and have large a social circle. Yet, they often feel lost due to a lack of their own sense of direction. They often seem to be rebellious to get attention of their parents. Normally parents devote their attention either to the firstborn or to the lastborn. Hence, they feel left out in the family.

The youngest or lastborn children are outgoing and charming. They are independent, creative and risk-takers. They like to have more freedom and do the things they want to do. They tend to be rebels and daredevils. As things are done for them, they can be manipulative. They are attention-seekers and self-centered. They are innovators especially in creativity and science. The flipside is that they can give up things easily in their later life. They can also be confused.

The only child monopolizes the attention and resources of his/her parents. They have all the privileges and burdens of their parents. They are usually perfectionists, leaders, hardworking and conscientious. They are mature for their age. As they grow up lonely, their behavior may be unusual which can lead others to bully them. They cannot cope up with commotion and face control issues.

These are general facts of psychology and can’t be applied to everybody. There might be some exceptions.

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