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AdPushup helps to optimize ads

AdPushup helps to optimize ads

AdPushup is a Delhi based startup that is aimed to optimize ads for web publishers. It is one of the best startups hiring on AngelList. Ankit Oberoi and Atul Agarwal are the founders of this startup. This tools enables bloggers or publishers to make money from existing traffic to their websites or blogs without any programing skills.
AdPushup helps websites to fight banner blindness and monetize impressions lost to ad blocking software. Users of AdPushup can test between various Ad sizes and on multiple websites with different Ad placements. They can place separate placements for mobile traffic. Custom AdSense ad sizes can be used as well.
AdPushup uses advanced and automated A/B Testing which helps compare the variations among various placements and sizes of ads and also helps to identify the suitable variation for the ad. The A/B Testing is an advanced technique which is missed by many publishers. With this, the users can observe a rapid growth in their AdSense revenue.
AdPushup tool is simple and easily plugs-into WordPress blogs. On its blog various articles are available on extensive range of topics including blogging to website optimization which are helpful to newbies and other people who have doubts on these topics.

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