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Taxi ride that teaches sign language

Taxi ride that teaches sign language

Every day many new citizens of Mumbai are experiencing a unique new taxi. This unique taxi has creative and colorful interiors that immediately capture the attention of people. For what you ask? The interior is printed with the Indian sign language with clear pictures.

Harshit Vishwakarma, a 23 year old visual communication design graduate designed this taxi with the aim of popularizing the language. He wants more people to be interested in learning it.

He says that sign language is unique and everyone should learn it since there are so many deaf and mute people in India. He adds that not knowing the language causes many people to miss the chance of having a conversation with many deaf people who have great minds.

So, he designed the interior of a taxi in Mumbai to help people become aware about the language and also learn some hand gestures commonly used by deaf and mute people.

When Harshit got the idea, he collaborated with Taxi Fabric. It is an organization which helps designers work with Taxi Drivers to create beautiful art which is used for the benefit of society in Mumbai.

Together with the team of Taxi Fabric, he upholstered a taxi with colourful fabric that has the alphabets A-Z in sign language printed on it.

Harshit chose this particular issue due to an experience in his college life. During his college days there was a program conducted for deaf and mute students along with other students. Even though he wanted to talk to them, there was a language barrier. Since he has a background of visual communication and sign language is related to it, he chose this particular theme.

He did not want to create a booklet or something that people would buy. He wanted people to learn it through their daily lives. This led him to use Taxi as a medium to help people learn sign language.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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