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Tamil Nadu school students design sweeping vehicle

Tamil Nadu school students design sweeping vehicle

Age does not matter for innovation. Tamil Nadu school students proved it.

The students of Panchayat Union Middle School, Konerikuppa found so many issues in their school.

But, after identifying the priority of the problems that are to be solved, sweeping problem ranked in the first place.

There is an elderly lady in the school who cleans the school by sweeping all around.

She is doing that with very much difficulty. So, the children wanted to help her.

They assisted her in cleaning the school ground.

But, due to this, they were losing their entire play time.

Then, they came up with a brilliant idea.

They designed a vehicle that is shown on the geometrical compass.

They used a stick, coconut leaves, collected waste palm wheels, and wheels of small cycles.

They fixed the wheels to the stick and tied coconut leaves to it.

The vehicle also had a fulcrum and arm for easy sweeping of the ground.

The design of the vehicle may seem to be simple.

But, creation of the sweeping vehicle is not so simple.

The students had succeed after several attempts as they had to the check the weight of the leaves several times for an efficient sweeping.

The designed vehicle is of two types: it can be used while cycling or walking but both are done in circles.

Upon their successful completion of sweeping vehicle, they demonstrated the use of the vehicle to the elderly lady of their school.

Then they shared their idea with the municipality laborers who work hard to clean the streets.

Tamil Nadu school students design sweeping vehicle

Tamil Nadu school students design sweeping vehicle


They also shared this idea with their community and the village president.

The project entered into the top 26 stories under the ‘Quick Impact’ category from among 3,600 stories that were submitted for the ‘I CAN Awards 2016’ organised by Design for Change in India.

The innovation of these school children fetched them vast recognition at the awards.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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