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Rain water harvesting at your home

Rain water harvesting at your home

With monsoons coming up, there is bound to be lot of rain. With water shortage in so many places, conserving every drop is useful. Here are innovative techniques that you can use to harvest rain water at your home.

Using a rain barrel

Using a rain barrel is an easy way to harvest rain. It is simple to make too. You can use a large trash can or a drum. Connect it to a pipe fitted to collect rainwater from rooftop. Make sure to cover the can tightly to prevent mosquitoes. Adding a bit of vegetable oil to the stored rainwater can prevent larvae from growing.

Using a rain garden

Rain garden is made with native plants, local soil, and mulch. It can remove pollutants from water and also let’s water percolate into the ground.

Using a Rain Chain

Rain chains use a simple principle and are easy to build. They are a more attractive alternative to standard PVC pipe downspouts. They carry water from the collecting pipe to a drain or a storage.

Bore well replenishing

The rainwater can be used to replenish your bore wells. Pipes are used to collect water from rooftops. Recharge pits are also dug to collect surface water and transport it to the ground.

Using splash blocks

Splash blocks are great at diverting flowing rainwater away from the structure’s foundation. A piece of concrete or plastic of roughly rectangular shape is placed below the downspout which carries rainwater from the roof. The force of the water is absorbed by it which prevents holes due to eroding force.

Using Rain saucers

Rain saucers are a fast DIY way to collect rainwater. They are like upside-down umbrellas. They unfold to form a funnel which fills the containers with rainwater. They catch water directly from sky preventing chances of contamination.

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