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Peeschute – Unisex disposable urine bag

Peeschute – Unisex disposable urine bag

Holding urine for a long time during a long road trip is not at all good for bladder health. Besides, it leads to incontinence problems and urinary tract infections later. Some people limit their water intake also to avoid frequent urination during their journeys. This even worse the situation and causes many health issues.

Despite knowing that, many people hold urine for long period during their journeys or when they are outside. It is due to the non-availability of clean restrooms outside. It is one of the big problems faced by several people who travel regularly.

To put a check on this problem, a man from Maharashtra came up with a solution. Siddhant Tawarawala founded Peeschute, a unisex disposable urine bag.

Peeschute urine bag comes with a special gel to solidify urine and converts it into odour-free so that users can dispose it of at their convenience.

Peeschute was born out of the needs of Siddhant Tawarawala. He had been travelling during his college days. He did not find clean restrooms, due to which he was forced to hold urine for a long time. He brainstormed for a solution and made Peeschute.

There is a similar bag offered by another company, Rest in Pee. It is a unisex disposable pocket urinal. It is the world’s first UV-sterilized pocket urinal made of paper. It comes with a garbage bag to dispose of the urine pocket.

Peeschute bags are leak-proof and can be stored for up to 10 days until they are full. These bags can be disposed of in garbage like a sanitary waste.

Before launching his product in the market, Siddhant gave it to many people and asked for their feedback. After receiving positive feedback, he launched it.

Peeschute is available in two variants – Peeschute traveller, which is priced at ₹10 and can be used only once. Peeschute Medi is reusable for up to three times, which costs ₹100. It is a pack of three.

Siddhant says that Peeschute is not only useful to travellers, but also senior citizens, pregnant women, children, people with low mobility and patients after surgeries. So far, 2,50,000 Peeschute urine bags were sold.

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