Bengaluru’s smart car parking...

These systems will allow their parking spots to be seen through a user’s smartphone, as well as which spots are taken and which spots

Iron man like robots to guard our...

The design of the Atom 3.7 is simple as well, with a height of 4.7 feet and weight of about 30 kilograms.

Bengaluru gets second vertical...

Around the world, industrialization and technology are rapidly advancing and spreading. While this helps society move forward economically, it provides several drawbacks, such as

Pink auto app for safer rides

This new app-based service is scheduled to be released by Tygr sometime during this month. Already, ten pink autos are using this app, and

New High speed rail project

There are ten curves along this route, which each stretch about thirty-two kilometers. The normal procedure to take concerning curves is to straighten them