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Helmet with Wireless Transmitter Reduces Accidents

Helmet with Wireless Transmitter Reduces Accidents

An idea can change a life. However, an innovative idea can save lives. The idea of J. Paparao from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh is one that can save many lives.

He got this idea after his friend who died due to lack of helmet in a bike accident.

Paparao has a diploma in computer science. He is working in a government organization.

His idea is inserting a wireless transmitter in a helmet after putting an electric control in the engine of the bike. When the rider wears the helmet, the sensor in transmitter starts working and sends signals to engine.

So the engine starts functioning by which the movements of bike are possible. If the rider removes the helmet, the engine stops working thereby the movements of bike.

In this way, he linked the helmet with the engine of the bike. The riders must wear the helmet if they want to drive.

However, Paparao is not satisfied with this achievement.

He would like to design a new method to stop drunken driving.

His idea is that the bike will not move if the rider consumes alcohol.

He is confident that he will succeed in his efforts soon.

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