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Couple who created a mini forest

Couple who created a mini forest

This couple created a special life for themselves close to nature. They have created house close that embodies nature. As such, it is a house that needs no fans even when it is 40 degrees outside. Hari and Asha, the couple who created a mini forest for themselves are great environmentalists. When they got married, it was a gathering for fellow environmentalists.

Hari is an employee of the local water authority in Kannur and Asha is part of a community which teaches farmers natural farming.

It was when they wanted to build a house, they decided to make it special. They wanted it to be energy efficient, deeply connected to nature and sustainable.

Now they have a 960 square feet house in the middle of 34 cents of land in a little town in Kannur District, Kerala. The walls are made of mud in tribal style of Kerala.

The walls allow only a bit of warmth of sun into the house. As the house slowly gets warm, it never gets too warm as evening arrives. There is a lot of movement of air in the house too, this makes a fan unnecessary.

The roof of the house is made of concrete and corrugated tiles. The concrete protects from heavy rains and that was the only reason it was used.

The house also has barely any lights as they are not necessary. The house was so built that it gets a lot of natural light. Even single lamps are efficiently used.

That is not all, the house is in the middle of a mini forest built by Hari and Asha themselves. Many birds, butterflies and animals grow there.

The couple say that natural living has been great for their health too. They say they haven’t taken any medicines for the past 17 years.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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