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Top mango varieties of India

Top mango varieties of India

Summer brings with it hot weather which is disliked by almost everyone. However, one of the best parts of summer is the mangoes. India is very famous mangoes. Out of all the various types of mangoes in India, here are some of the best and tastiest varieties available in India.

Chaunsa from Himachal Pradesh

This mango was introduced by emperor Sher Shah Suri introduced this variety of mango to the Northern lands of India from Pakistan during the 1500s. This mango is cultivated in north India. It is famous for being sweet and juicy. It is available during July and August. It has a uniformly yellow-golden colour.

Dasheri from Uttar Pradesh

They are also called Malihabadi and are known for being sweet with a strong aroma. The mango is fibreless, long and has a perfect shape. They are bright yellow in colour.

Langra from Uttar Pradesh

They are mainly cultivated in Varanasi. They have an oval shape and have a green colour even when they are ripe. They are Available from July to August.

Kesar from Gujarat

Kesar is cultivated in the foothills of Girnar Mountains. They are available between April and July. They have a bright orange colour. It is one of the most expensive mangoes.

Himsagar from West Bengal

These mangoes have a sweet aroma and are fibreless. They are green in colour with yellow pulp. They are available only during the month of June.

Alphonso from Maharashtra

Alphonso are called the King of Mangoes. They are very sweet and popular throughout the world. They have a golden yellow color with a tinge of red on top. They are mainly found in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat between May and June.

Banganapalli from Andhra Pradesh

They are available from April to June in the town of Banganapalle. They have an oval shape and a yellow color with thick skin which is also edible. They are usually very large.

Totapuri from Karnataka

They are famous for not being two sweet. They have a greenish color with tinges of red.

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