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Only women are allowed into this Mumbai park

Only women are allowed into this Mumbai park

Normally children, youth, and men visit parks. Only a few women like to visit general parks.

Some studies also showed that women do not like to visit parks even with their family members like men. Few of them revealed that women did not visit parks frequently, either alone or in groups, but men visited parks too frequently and alone.

There are many reasons for it. General public places like parks, gyms, clubs etc., are controlled by men. So, many women do not see a specific allotment of space there.

Safety and security are important for women. Besides, play zones for children and social networks with others are also required for them.

Women feel more comfortable in places designated to them only. While some people say it is a progressive move, others call it a regressive expression.

However, the concept of female-only spaces has been growing across the globe, as these places can help women feel safe, confident and free. Though the gender-segregated places may not be an alternative to safe spaces, certainly these spaces are a boon to women.

Here is an exclusive park dedicated to women. In other words, only women are allowed into this park. It is located in Agripada, near Mumbai Central station.

Baby Garden is a female-only public space in Mumbai. Here women are allowed to exercise, relax and socialize.

The park is encircled by several high-rise apartments. There are several Muslim people who reside near the park.

Many women, homemakers, breastfeeding mothers regularly visit the park. They feel comfortable there and say that it is a good alternative to the gym where they can exercise conveniently. They work out using the gym equipment also. Some women sit comfortably and talk to others.

The garden caretaker allows only women. Some college girls visit the park to spend some time privately. They feel the park is a better place for that as nobody disturbs them.

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