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Know about the highest tax payer in AP and Telangana

Know about the highest tax payer in AP and Telangana

The deadline for income taxpayers is coming soon. All income taxpayers must file their returns by the 31st of July. Therefore, many income taxpayers are currently scrambling to file their returns.

As this date approaches, the Income Tax Department of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have released some highlights about the income tax of last year.

These highlights were released on July 23rd.

They revealed that the person who paid the highest income tax last year was a Hyderabad-based woman.

This woman was working with a city-based Information Technology firm. She has a salary of ₹30 crore per year. The woman paid 30% of her annual salary as taxes. This woman’s taxes came out to be ₹9 crore in the financial year of 2016 to 2017.

S. P. Choudhary, the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, commented on the matter of this woman’s high tax returns at the annual press conference of the I-T department.

This press conference was held in Hyderabad on July 23rd. At the conference, Choudhary said that this woman may not figure among the top salaried taxpayers in the country. There are many other places in India, and there are certainly many more high-salaried Indian taxpayers.

In the Vijayawada Region, the top income tax payer is Amara Raja Batteries. Amara Raja Batteries is a company that is based in Tirupati.

It is owned by Galla Ramachandra Naidu and his son, TDP MP Jayadev Galla. Amara Raja Batteries has been the top income tax payer in Andhra Pradesh for two years.

In the public sector, the top taxpayer in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC).

The second-highest taxpayer in the two states is Andhra Bank. Another top income tax payer in Andhra Pradesh is the Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank.


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