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Does Karma determine lives or rebirths?

Does Karma determine lives or rebirths?

According to Hindu Puranas, Karma is vital in determining the lives and rebirths of individuals. Often you might have wondered why a bad person is enjoying riches and pleasures of the world while a noble man might suffer from troubles and worries. This is the result of Karma, says the Puranas.

Many Hindu Texts mention that not just the Karma or deeds of the present birth but also of the past decides the lives of people. Based on the good or bad deeds people may take the forms of other creatures like animals, birds, insects etc.

According to Puranas there are as many as 84000 births ranging from small cells to insects and plants.

Maharishi Veda Vyasa in Garuda Purana mentioned that a soul when in the womb of the mother for a period of 9-months promises itself to serve God and won’t commit any sin. But, after birth the soul forgets everything and continues to do sins.

Whether these are true or not, many people who have faith in Hinduism believe it. If you are interested to know which sin results in what birth, read this article.

Robbery, infidelity, murder, cheating, hurting and many more sins have severe punishments. Based on these sins, one will have to be born again in this world in the form of different creatures. People who establish a forceful relation with a woman would be severely punished in hell. Not just that, they will be born as wolf, jackal, vulture, snake or a heron in their next births.

People who disrespect the elders of the family would take the form of a crow in their next birth for at least 10 years.

Stealing other’s gold or silver would lead to have the forms of insects and birds in the next birth. The person who steals or snatches other’s clothes will be born as a parrot and needs to live in a cage entire life.

An individual who murders and takes the lives of others would be born as a donkey and needs to bear heavy weights days and night throughout its life.

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