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India fights Corona together

India fights Corona together

The second wave of COVID-19 united the citizens. Unlike in the first wave, many citizens are extending their helping hand towards others. Not only celebrities but common people are also helping others to the maximum possible extent. Many good Samaritans help others during the COVID crisis showing solidarity.

Here are different incidents where people risked their lives for others. Their invaluable help for others is highly appreciated:

An 85-year-old elderly man from Nagpur sacrificed his own life to save a young man. The elderly man was admitted to a hospital due to low oxygen levels and acute COVID-19 symptoms. But, he insisted on discharge after a couple of hours when he found that the wife of a 40-year-old man was requesting to admit her husband to the hospital.

However, due to a shortage of beds, doctors remained helpless. At that time, the generous senior citizen sacrificed his bed and opted for discharge, putting his own life at risk. He died at his home after three days.

In another incident, a 38-year-old man from Bokaro, Jharkhand, drove 1,400 km in 24 hours with a filled oxygen cylinder to save his friend, who tested COVID positive and was unable to get oxygen in Noida.

Similarly, a 22-year-old Hyderabad girl travelled two hours to donate blood to a pregnant woman. As the pregnant woman’s husband tested positive for COVID-19, doctors were unable to procure the required blood for the pregnant woman. The girl saw the requirement for blood on social media and reached the hospital, where the woman was admitted, and donated blood.

These are only a few incidents. There are many such incidents across the country. Many Indians are trying to help COVID patients in their surroundings. Except for a few incidents of social stigma, the majority of Indians are helping each other, following COVID-19 protocols. With the solidarity and collective efforts of citizens, #IndiaFightsCoronaTogether and wins the battle.

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