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ICHR spending a lot of public money

ICHR spending a lot of public money

Do you know that government has spent almost forty lakh rupees on a book? Furthermore, there happens to be a book project happening for 43 years, and counting, with crores of rupees spent on it?

A lot of things like this have been happening at the Indian Council of Historical research (ICHR). It is an autonomous academic body which receives funds by the government of India.

The problem is that it spends generously to produce books in the name of ‘Special research Projects’.

These so called special research projects are supposed to take a few years for less to be finished using less than a few lakhs of rupees. However these projects tend to drag on for decades while using the money taxpayers in crores.

To date, the oldest and most expensive ICHR’s oldest project continues to cause problems to the general public exchequer.

This project is hence their most controversial.

Arun Shourie was provoked due to this project and he therefore wrote Eminent Historians in 1998. In his writing, he accused ICHR of spending 1.70 crore on the project.

This is the kind of problem that India is facing.

They need a prompt and proper action while proper investigation is held.

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